Wanting to show his love for music and understanding of music and art, Lebson (Steven) created a brand that portrays just that. 

At Lebscouture, we believe in the display of life through vibrancy and simplicity. The brand allows individuals from all works of life and cultures to express themselves through affordable clothing that represents a free spirit, long standing friendship and elegance. 

In short, Lebscouture is the representation of a simple yet flamboyant lifestyle and we aim at helping our shoppers feel this sense of balance! Which also reflects in our motto ‘’Good And Positive Vibes’’.

From the early stages of the designs to the production and sales of our products, the Lebscouture brand retains its involvement accordingly, for the purpose of meeting the high standard that we have set for ourselves and that is expected of us. 
Our goal is to provide the best quality and honest clothing with 100% cotton at an affordable price. Available on our website, our customers are able to find a variety of Lebscouture products accompanied with the best delivery times and services. 


‘Honest and Green’ clothing should not cost a fortune which is why at Lebscouture, we ensure that our costumers wear more than they pay for. 

We take great delight in putting our customers first with the best products and services, while being accountable for our planet. We know you want the good stuff, and more importantly, at an affordable price. The good news is, WE GOT YOU! 

So, get cozy and join the Lebscouture Family.                      


                                                                           The Koala

As always, Lebscouture’s primary focus is Urban fashion that portrays good and positive vibes and stemming from that is the inspiration behind the decision to choose the Koala “bear” as the face of Lebscouture. Koalas are a very special and insanely cute  animal, that exudes stealthy and pretty cool vibes, which aligns perfectly with our culture at Lebscouture. 

Besides looking good and feeling cool wearing our products, at Lebscouture, we also appreciate a sense of belonging, which allows for our old and potential customers to feel that sense of attachment to the company. Because for us, it is important to feel the good and positive vibes that come with wearing our product, and feeling cute as a Koala is just another perk of wearing The Koala Collection.

                                                                          Thank you for your trust. 

How we do it.